Clean out your closets and bring those gently used goods to Rockville High School betwee 6-8AM.

Volunteers will organize the items by type/category. Items are not priced.

We ask customers for fair value or more which goes to the After Prom Party. 

Adult Volunteers may bring up to 3 students to earn SSL hours.

Volunteers helping between Noon-1PM will be taking unsold items to charity locations. Trucks encouraged.

​Volunteer Sign Up - 

Thank you for your support!!!!!

Unable to donate time or attend an event?
Monetary donations greatly appreciated!



Please drop off your baked goods between 6AM-8AM

Thank you for your support!!

Thank you for your Donations and Volunteering!

Drop off donations at RHS between 6AM-8AM 10/6/18

Volunteers are needed from 6AM-1PM


November 10, 2018
Rockville HS
2100 Baltimore Road
Rockville, MD 20850

Rockville High School After Prom Party