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State Farm Insurance for helping to keep our students safe and their generous support of the


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We think the reason we host the After-Prom Party is best summed up in the following video, produced by Rockville High School students in 2013



The Rockville High School After Prom Party is THE party of the year and will be held at the Bauer Drive Community Center. Food, raffles with fantastic prizes for graduates, Casino Games, Music, Inflatable Games and Activities, and much more! ALL WEE MORNING LONG starting after the prom at approximately 12:30am and going strong until 3 am.

This years' prom will take place on Friday, May 8, 2020 so the APP is early, early, early morning Saturday, May 9. Parents have been "paying it forward" on this alcohol-free, fun event for more than 20 years to keep our irreplaceable Rockville Seniors (and our community) safe on prom night.


Rockville High School After Prom Party

Why We Host The Party:

Upcoming Events:

Bake Sale: Flower Valley ES

Bake Sale: Meadow Hall ES

Silent Auction

Volunteer at the Party!

Unable to donate time or attend an event?

Monetary donations greatly appreciated!

Past Events:

Freezer Meal Workshop

Scrapbook Day


Volunteers: 60+ parents are needed to keep this event a success. Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior parents are asked to "pay it forward" and come out as chaperones, chefs, casino workers, and game workers during the event. You are guaranteed to have fun, meet new people, and get a glimpse into an important event that your own 9th, 10th, or 11th grade student will also experience in a few, short years. Anyone who has chaperoned in previous years will eagerly share that they enjoyed the experience. Freshman parents, this is a great initial step to getting involved!
Senior Parents are asked to come out to donate food, decorate before, and clean up after at 5am. 


What does an After Prom Party Cost?!!!!

Facility Rental: $750
Decorations: $1300
Activities: $8000
Prizes: $4000
Food: $500
Administrative Cost: $450

TOTAL : $15,000

Our students' safety? Priceless.